Joe Allen (NPA) For U.S.

 SENATOR Of Florida



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Joe Allen, (NPA) Independent for

U.S. Senator of Florida

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

Broward County



Contact me, make a donation and enter my contest to win a $36,000. Wyland Original oil painting below.

I want the billions of people around the world who never worked on a campaign and the many who did but their candidates lost the primary to join "Joe Allen's Army". All of the candidates can join us, too.

   What  do you think needs to be fixed in your neighborhood, city, county, state or country? Some things will be big - like repairing bridges before anymore collapse, killing people. Some will be small - like the time zone lines so that every state will only have one time zone. Florida and some others have two. More info on 'My Platform' page.

   Please write your ideas in the message box.

   What can you and others do to help?

  Tell me about bad laws, bad politicians and other bad people.

   Please send my link to everyone around the world.

   This is mainly a social media and grassroots campaign.