Joe Allen (NPA) For U.S.

 SENATOR Of Florida



Donate & Volunteer

     No other candidate can do this! I will use most of my salary to hire people to start and run my many companies. They will hireEVERY UNEMPLOYEDperson in Florida! I have several inventions which will be patented. My many events and festivals in all parts of Florida, as well as my television network and studio, will also need thousands of workers at all skill levels. These are just some of the workers that will be needed and hired at my on-going Job Fair or online.

        Find a job category here or create one for yourself. If we need it, you're hired!

        We'll give many people a chance - all ages, education levels and job experiences.

        It will be your job to keep or to lose.

        Don't waste our time!

        Don't do anything wrong or STUPID!!!

  • Job Fair organizers, interviewers and workers, laborers, cashiers, engineers, security, warehouse, car, bus and truck drivers, construction, maintenance, artists, web designers, social media division, management, payroll, accountants, bookkeepers, financial services, sales - retail/wholesale & online, account executives, promotion, publicists, distribution, customer service, computer operators,  fulfillment, scientists, ticket takers, kitchen & restaurant staff, cooks and servers, bartenders, bussers, event coordinators, radio & television station personnel, writers, photographers, Logistics Coordinator, Import/Export Agents, office staff, Licensed Financial Professionals, Costume designers, makers and dressing room staff, Media Consultants, Project & event crew, cosmetology, human resources, parking lot & garage attendants, food truck staff, auto and truck mechanics, garage workers, costume-wearing characters, cheerleaders, dancers & prancers, managers for all jobs and lots more.

        Some of our companies, businesses and services will be:

  • A unique cell phone accessory for the billions of cell phone owners worldwide
  • A device for the millions of blind people worldwide - regardless of the problem or the cause
  • A device for the millions of toilets worldwide
  • Bring the Olympics to Florida
  • Form a Sports Group to get more SuperBowls, World Cup Soccer and more
  • Create better NBA, WNBA and pro hockey schedules
  • Present's Outstanding Player Awards at many events
  • Get to sponsor the ESPN's College Football Holder Award 
  • Create, produce and broadcast political debates
  • A television NETWORK, not just a station
  • Studios for making our own tv shows - most based on my books, stories & poems
  • A MOVIE studio for making our own movies - most based on my books & stories
  • Plays mainly based on my books, poems and stories
  • We'll make our own commercials, too.
  • We'll have a tv Game Show
  • And publish our own books
  • A book-of-the-month club and ones for stories and poems
  • Monthly short story contests
  • Monthly poetry contests
  • Make and sell our own games, toys & action figures
  • We'll have tournaments - online and in arenas
  • An amusement park with my 100 characters
  • Film festivals in diff. states and countries
  • Sports with my rules - "The TJ Way"(tm)
  • A Special convention
  • A new kind of Blood Drive
  • Two music and comedy cruises
  • Motorcycle & Car Rallies
  • Four safety devices for motorcycles and scooters
  • A device for the millions of bicycles worldwide
  • A new type of adult tricycle
  • A new men's professional basketball LEAGUE - not just a team
  • A brand of sneakers
  • A unique basketball to sell worldwide
  • A team in most pro sports leagues in America then, around the world
  • Basketball tournaments - pro and college
  • A new 3 point shooting contest for everyone year-round
  • A new design for softball and baseball fields
  • An 'Energy Drink'
  • An 'Energy Bar'
  • A brand of beer
  • ​A brand of Rum
  • Many festivals and events
  • A new kind of snowboard
  • A new kind of water-ski
  • Tournaments using both
  • Sun care products
  • Beauty pageants
  • Body Building contests
  • A new kind of windshield wiper
  • Renewable energy programs and projects
  • A 'Naming Rights' company
  • Two devices for sail boats
  • And, two devices for power boats
  • A new elevator operating system
  • A mining operation
  • Safer bathrooms
  • Safer sliding glass doors for bathrooms and other places
  • A device for ceiling fans
  • Two Social Media sites
  • And a lot more