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Yes, I said that!

Are you ready for my great new plans!?!

     A pound a week! Some of us - yes, including me - need to fix our bodies. Who wants to do it easy and slow with Joe? By election night - in about 20 weeks -  we'll be 20 pounds lighter, healthier and looking better! (more below)

  (1a) Let's fix Florida and America with the $18,000,000,000. - EIGHTEEN BILLION DOLLARS - Foreign Aid money we send to other countries EVERY YEAR!

     Don't send any more money to anybody until we fix EVERYTHING in America! (more right below)

   (2) The "Road to Citizenship" should include Community Service! Legal and illegal immigrants will be granted citizenship after they've done so or joined the military.

     "Loss of Citizenship Privilege": If one is convicted of a felony, citizen or not, he or she will be deported and 2 less people in his country can get visas. If 2  do it, then 6 can't come. If 3, then 12. The penalty will get increasingly steeper as a deterrent.

     Their country will make sure that only non-criminals come to America.

    So, Be Good or Be Gone!

    (The topic "Crime & Criminals" is so important that it has its own page.) 

    (3a) Let's legalize marijuana nationally. And NO, I don't smoke. Many states already have and the world didn't end. We can regulate and tax it like liquor and have the (ATF) Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Department manage it.

      (3b) Before leaving office, the President should pardon everyone convicted of "Simple Possession" and clear their records. Then, they can be free and contribute to society instead of wasting our money being in jail.

     This will reduce our prison population, save us billions of dollars, help society and families. It will unclog the courts and allow the police more time and resources to deal with dangerous criminals.

   BTW, no one should smoke because any kind of smoke is bad for your lungs. Plus, second-hand smoke is hazardous.    

    (4) See my "Jobs for Everyone" page. Yes, it's all true.

    (5) Let's bring back 'The War Department".

   (1b) If we really want to build a hospital, school or housing for another country, let's build it here with pre-fab construction using American workers who will pay taxes. This way, we'll all benefit. They'll re-construct it over there.


​   I wanted to be an astronaut but we'll have BILLIONS more by not sending anymore rockets to Mars or anywhere else in outer space until AFTER we've fixed EVERYTHING in America!!! Each rocket costs about $1,500,000,000. - one and a half BILLION DOLLARS!

    We don't need anymore space rocks! Or, just to prove we can do it. We spent BILLIONS sending men to the moon from '69-'72. It's been 44 years and no other country ever cared enough to do it. If there is life out there, let's save our money, and let them come to us.

    Florida makes a lot of money from the space program and we still will from the increase in launching private rockets for businesses, communication, GPS, cable & tv networks, weather satellites and those for the Inter'l Space Station.

   What needs to be fixed in YOUR neighborhood, city, county, state and country?  Tell me on my 'Contact Joe' page.

      That money should be used to:

  • fix bridges that are collapsing into rivers killing people;
  • repair schools that are falling apart;
  • provide more hospital beds, new machinery and staff;
  • renovate our old cities;
  • feed, clothe and care for OUR citizens
  • buy dashboard and body cameras for all police. ALL good people need to feel good about ALL police officers.
  • and do so many other things​ IN AMERICA!

     Hoping that nothing goes wrong is NOT a plan!

    The main duty of government is keeping people safe, so:

  •  MOST hurricanes like Katrina, Sandy and Wilma - which destroyed my house -


   Think of the HUNDREDS of lives and BILLIONS of dollars damage that could EASILY  have been saved and prevented.

  Some tropical depressions become tropical storms and develop into hurricanes as they travel along 'The Hurricane Highway" (tm) across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa towards Florida UNLESS conditions are unfavorable. Usually it's too much wind shear or just a strong wind blowing against the top of it.


    LET'S BLOW THEM UP! Yes, while they're only tropical depressionsover the ocean BEFORE they become hurricanes!!!

     We can implode stadiums and buildings. Plus, we have many CLEAN bombs.

  • We can prevent many hurricanes in the Pacific, called typhoons and cyclones, the same way!
  • The same for some winter storms.
  • Many people die EVERY YEAR IN THE SAME AREAS because there aren't enough Tornado Warning Sirens. How STUPID is that!?!
  • I'll install them!!!
  • I can end ALL droughts. Millions of tons of rain fall on America EVERY YEAR. Collect a lot of it and transport it to where it's needed.
  • IT'S STUPID that 'they' haven't done this!!!
  • Don't 'they' know that tons of snow and ice on California's mountains and others are made of water!?! Just bring it down to where it's warmer and presto - water!
  • They don't have to wait for it to melt in the spring.
  • Also, many of the same rivers overflow every spring.
  • DO SOMETHING!!! B.D.A. - Before, During & After
  • Make plans to deal with every regularly-occurring disaster. Hoping it doesn't happen is NOT a plan.
  • I don't know what the Dep't of the Interior is doing!!! And, the Army Corps of Engineers
  • I know that Florida does not have volcanoes but as a U.S. Senator, I have to help ALL of America and the world - especially the 'Ring of Fire'
  • SOME volcanoes can be PREVENTED FROM ERUPTING! All we have to do is 'vent' them - let the pressure and gases escape EARLY AND SLOWLY.

    This is the same thing you do when a pot is boiling over on a stove. You move the cover back so some of the steam can escape. Yes, you can also turn down the heat BUT we can't do that with volcanoes.

      Let's make Florida the 'Sports Capital of the World'!

  • We can bring the Olympics here. We won't go broke like other places because we don't have to build any stadiums, arenas or Athletes' Villages.
  • Let's get more Super Bowls, World Cups and other events, too.

   Florida failedto do any of these things and many others for years

under our senators and Governors Crist & Scott!


      Adoptions & Foster Care: My Win-Win Plan -Let people who are handicapped or blind adopt kids and be foster parents. They will both benefit. The people will gt someone to help them live better lives and the kids will get a home, instead of having to live in an orphanage. The kids will be a lot more helpful than seeing-eye dogs.

     Wmust have enough investigators to make sure that the kids are treated well.

     This is something that the thousands of people performing community service, receiving unemployment or welfare checks can do -right in their neighborhoods. And NO, they don't need a degree in Social Work to see if a kid is being mistreated.

     * Everyone who applies to college MUST take the same SAT Exam. So, the U.S. Dep't of Education needs to standardize the requirements for all grades EVERYWHERE.

* I taught many subjects at all levels of public schools in many school districts in Pa., NY and Cal. I've heard the arguments for 'local choice', etc. but, 3 + 2 MUST = 5 EVERYWHERE.

* Florida and other states need a "Salary Cap" for ALL government employees and elected officials, just as some sports leagues have . Many at all levels make more than the governor. Even if I wasn't running, isn't this wrong?

   The maximum salary should be $100.000. a year. All contracts above that, such as the Directors of county Mosquito Control Boards and the Key West City Manager - who all make about $189,000 - should be set at the new level when they expire.

    If they want to make more than the salary cap, work in the private sector. There are many bright people to take their places.

   I can't change this by myself, so help me to help you! Remember, it's your money and they're spending it like it's Monopoly money.



    Do we really need to have 67 county Utility Boards with about 5 members each making/wasting about $35,000 a year!?!? $35,000. x 5 = $175,000. x 67 = $11,725,000. That's ELEVEN MILLION, SEVEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE THOUSANDS DOLLARS EVERY YEAR PLUS BENEFITS WHICH BRING THE TOTAL TO ABOUT SIXTEEN MILLION DOLLARS !!!

   The Utility Board members don't help re-connect downed power lines after storms or anything. They just TALK!


    Their members don't kill any mosquitoes. They also just TALK!


    They don't teach any classes or drive any school buses. YEP, THEY JUST TALK, TOO. But, they're mandated in the State Constitution so, we're stuck with them, FOR NOW.

    Yes, I read the Florida and the US Constitutions. Everyone should.

    Both should be fully studied in high school.

    I want to create "The United Counties of Florida". Together we'll aspire, together we'll achieve!

* How I'll make Florida the SAFEST state is on the next page called Crime & Criminals.

* I'll get as much money from the federal government as I can for us becauseit's  your money, my money, our money.

  Rick Scott and the Republican-controlled state legislature turned down hundreds of millions of dollars in Medicaid money and other programs from the federal government that would help many people. This doesn't make sense, right?

    This is what happens when THEY put party politics above the needs of the people.

* Saving hundred of millions of dollars by creating an office to buy ALL vehicles needed in EVERY state - fire trucks, school & city buses, police cars, furniture, office and computer equipment, etc. It will be very easy to do with computers. Buying in bulk will save lots of money, right?

* As a former teacher with extensive experience in 3 states at all levels and in many subjects, I'll improve our schools which are ranked 42nd out of the 50 states. That's 8th from the bottom.

     Barely half of the 3rd and 10th graders can read or do math on their level! 

  Florida ranks 48th in the amount of money spent per pupil. You get what you pay for.

1) The Fla. Dep't of Education will be authorized to create a unified school system with ONE text book for each grade and subject. [Remember, 3+2=5 everywhere]

2) I'll create "Senator Joe Allen's E.A.S.Y. Tests" to replace the one that replaced the FCAT. Going to school and getting an education should not be a scary thing. Kids were scared of the FCAT and many feel the same way about its replacement. My "E.A.S.Y. Tests" - Evaluation of Achievement of Students Yearly - removes the fear factor. YES, we need to know if students are learning what they're suppose to learn. Obviously, many things haven't been working so they NEED to be changed.

     The way it's set up, counties that opt-out or disregard State and Federal mandates will lose millions of dollars.

     The Superintendents of Miami-Dade and Broward counties have some good ideas.

 3) I'm very knowledgeable about schools, students, teachers, parents, administrators and teaching methods - both successful and unsuccessful ones.

4) Students on all levels will improve in Math by doing "Time Math", which I invented and will demonstrate in monthly internet sessions.

5) They'll also become better readers by reading my books, short stories and poems. They're on a wide range of reading levels and topics. They'll read along with me during our monthly internet sessions - "Reading & Math are fun with Senator Joe Allen". I'll have a contest for students to create a better name.

* Consolidating and/or eliminating many dep't and agencies on the state and county levels.

* Getting rid of ALL of the Mosquito Control Boards and their unnecessary directors; turning the job over to the Fla. Wildlife Commission and hiring workers to kill mosquitoes with the money saved. That's $364,000. in each county.

* About 500,000 Fla. people are unemployed.That's more than aHALF A MILLION! On my "Jobs for Everyone" page are some of the jobs I'll create for them.

* I'll bring the 2020 OLYMPICS, the 2018 WORLD CUP and many other major events to all of Florida! Other places are in danger of losing them. We can even do it on short notice. Plus, they will provide thousands of jobs.

   We hosted several Super Bowls, an NBA All Star Game, many college bowl games and lots of other world-class events. We have all the stadiums, arenas, hotels, airports and infrastructure that's needed. Also our many college dorms will serve as Olympic villages.

* Renewable Energy - Solar energy, wind and wave: Florida is the Sunshine

State. Plus, we have over 1000 miles of coastline. The tide comes in and goes out twice every day and night. I'll install wave turbines - they exist.

  I'll make us the world's leader. I'll put solar panels on EVERY government building. I'll remove ALL the red tape and unnecessary fees for installing solar panels on homes and businesses. I'll start a tax credit program, too.

   Our wind turbines can be painted to look like palm trees.

* Several times state employees did not get paid on time. Why would you re-elect one of them and not get your money?

* Student-athletes: As long as colleges receive any benefit from the state government-  financial or service - they must obey state rules and laws.

     First, high school: ALL Letters of Intent (to attend a certain college) are invalid and bogus. High school students are minors and cannot sign binding legal contracts. They should be free to transfer wherever they want as many times as they want just like regular students.

     Second, college student-athletes: I'll make it permissible for anyone to transfer to  any college in Florida from any college in or out of Florida and play right away without having to sit out a year or attend a college in a different division first. Coaches can break contracts and coach right away at any college.

     I started an organization for college student-athletes called the College Athletes Union - CAU. Since most of them are only in college for four years, they need an organization that will be there permanently.

    The NCAA will complain about these changes but it will survive and continue to prosper. It's a multi-billion dollar business enterprise.

   I'll approve more casino games. Millions of people already come here and gamble. This will provide added revenue that Floridians won't have to pay.

 * I'll sell 'Naming Rights' to many buildings, parks, highway exits, streets and other things the state owns. 'Regular' people can buy or rent them.

     A woman's body is hers, not the state's.

      The federal gov't is the only one that can determine international relations.

      Pythons, lionfish and wild hogs can and will be controlled.

     Do you know that the Pensacola area - northwestern Florida - isn't in the same time zone as the rest of the state? It's on Central Time. That's like being southeastern Alabama, not Florida! I'll fix that!

    Remember my 'Immigration Solution' is that the 'Path to  Citizenship' should include performing community service. Do you like this idea?

   * I'll only invest Florida's money in Florida to help Floridians! - Unlike Crist who invested $400,000,000 in NY while people here were losing their jobs, homes and businesses.  And, he lost it ALL! ( see Miami Herald articles)

     Don't you think this should be a crime!?! I do!!!

    That's 400,000,000 reasons NEVER to elect him to ANY office again!!

     Also, we don't need any of the people who didn't try to stop him!!

 * More to come. Send me your suggestions on the Contact Page.


   Here is how to 'fix' ourselves nice and easy: We'll eat just a little bit less - on smaller plates - and move around just a little bit more. If we don't lose the pound one week, we're only one pound behind. We'll keep in touch with each other.

   This is mainly a social media/grassroots campaign. Please send my link to everyone around the world.