My Chief of Staff will be a high-profile politician with the proper experience, moxie and connections to get things done. I'll consider several politicians with lots of legislative experience who will not have a seat in Congress. Most legislative matters will be handled by us in our 'Office of Legislative Affairs'. We'll meet regularly with other advisers to decide the proper course of action. They will be my 'cabinet'. Although I would like things to work differently, I'm realistic enough to know that they won't right away. It  will be an ongoing process.

         My team will be a 'Rainbow Coalition' made up of people from many backgrounds, races, nationalities, ages, sexes and even many political parties. Many former "Outsiders" will play important roles in our government for the first time.

The "Exclusive Members Only" government of the past is over!

     Bernie Sanders was elected to the U. S. Senate as an Independent (NPA). I'm trying to do the same thing. Here I am with him at a rally. You don't have to be a Democrat, a Republican or belong to any party. The only important thing is that you want to do what's best for the people.

     We don't have a party agenda or a party platform and no party bosses. We don't owe anyone any favors.

     I also want some proven team leaders like Pat Riley, Dan Marino and Tim Tebow to help me run 'Team Florida'. Mr. T. would be perfect as my 'Special Investigator'. "I pity the fool ...' who even thinks about hurting one of "Joe Kids" - the helpless children in the DCF program.

         I also want many 'regular' people, too. How about you?

       The people who are supposed to be protecting them will have to do a much better job or they'll have to explain their failure to someone  like Arnold Swartzeneggar, if I can get their help. I'll do whatever it takes!

     The MURDERING of Florida's Kids HAS to stop!


   I want the billions of people around the world who never worked on a campaign and the many who did but their candidates lost the primary to join "Joe Allen's Army".

    I'll request help from the United Nations, the federal government, every child service agency, the Boys and Girls Scouts, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Lauren's and everyone in the world.

  'Florida's Dirty Little Secret' won't be a secret anymore!

     Having been a member of the Board of Directors of Big Brothers & Big Sisters, I've created the Annual International Reunion in the fall which will be like the Boy Scouts Jamboree. I'm hoping that the Miami chapter will serve as the Host Committee. All volunteers and ideas are welcome. I want the Boys & Girls Clubs to do one, too. Let's Fix Florida and America!

   One of the most important members of my pre-election team will be in charge of making sure all the required paperwork is filed on time.

   The 2nd time I ran for Governor of Florida, there was a discrepancy in filing one of my crucial forms. While I was campaigning all over the state, my name was removed from the list of candidates. The Dep't. of State terminated my campaign. Since the time period had expired, there was no way to correct it.

     If I'm not elected senator, I'll run for governor again. Many things apply to both positions. I'll be a No Party Affiliation Candidate (NPA) Independent again.

     This is mainly a social media/grassroots campaign. Please send my link to everyone around the world.   

Joe Allen (NPA) For U.S.

 SENATOR Of Florida



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